Our research center called “Seed Technology Application and Research Center” (TOTEM) was established in the year of 1998 and aimed to make practice and researches, to present educational service to evaluate seed sector of our country and to integrate to the world seed Technologies. The required substructure was finished until the year 2002 and the center has been specialized for some specific seed tests.

Our aim is to keep specialization, to follow new and advanced Technologies and to provide their practice.

Duties and Working Area

Our center carries out the main duties below following the aims of the center.
• To make required researches for the seed sector of our country

• To provide master and phD study possibilities for the stuff

• To make cooperation with public and private seed sector organizations and to help to solve the problems of the sector.

• To make cooperation with national and international seed organizations to evaluate seed sector of our country

• To arrange national and international scientific meetings to announce the results of researches and give information to the public and private seed sector reaserchers

• To organize courses and seminars for seed sector researchers from other countries and all others who are interested in the topic

Infrastracture Facilities

Management department: Management Office, storerooms
Laboratory department: 
laboratory for physical analyses, laboratory for special analyses, seed pathology laboratory, climate room, germination room